NEXT MEETUP : thursday 20th of March. 18.00 - 20.00

Focusing on free improvisation, experimental and noise music, Place of Safety is a new monthly open session in which players, noise makers, listeners and musicians of all levels meet and make music together. Anyone can join in; participants will be placed at random in ad hoc ensembles that improvise together for around fifteen minutes; whoever isn't playing forms the audience; the next group is formed and the process repeated so that as many people are included as possible. Unsafe music in a (relatively) safe environment. 

editors note :  New ideas are emerging from the meet up and participants are encouraged to add new rules, write scores and try unusual stuff out to help direct the flow of the music

It happens roughly once a month in the former police station turned art, dance and music space, The Island.

The Gallery Space
The Island
Bridewell Street


Amplification :
We will usually have 6 inputs available for people who need amplification so please do mail to register your interest if you need one of these so we get an idea of how many people need spots. If not bring your own amplification (recommended) or play acoustically.

Instruments :
This term is as loose as you like. a fish and a bucket is an instrument as much as violin

Other Stuff:
- If you don't play an instrument or improvise and just want to come listen that's totally fine
- Please feel free to turn up late. It's no problem and a laid bak affair. If you turn up at 21.00 there is still time to play.
- Refreshments will be provided; Tea, coffee, soft drinks. If you want alcohol then please bring your own.

Place of Safety is inspired by Brighton's Safehouse event.

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If you have any questions please do email henryliamcollins(at)

You can watch the whole meetup from August bellow. note : no names picked out for this one

Place of Safety - 15th August 2013 from Seth Cooke on Vimeo.